For over 17 years since year 2003, WWG – International has been an contractor of choice.


We understand at to be one of the best, you need to attract and retain the best employees. Our company offers and generous benefits package for our employees, using innovative company managing system that puts us ahead on the working market of the competition for the qualified working professionals. Training and our workers qualification level upgrade and support systems is on our company priority list. We offer attractive career variety for our best employees. That’s how we deliver an exceptional level of customer service for our partners, a commitment to sustainable practices, and a focus on value enhancement that is unparalleled.

WWG Internetional - Strongest in Lithuania

"Our experience are our greatest asset"

Tomas Pivoras

Ceo of WWG International


Close and productive cooperation

Close and productive cooperation with our partners in business allows us to create and build all most best-in-class buildings and deliver a renowned customer service experience.

Strong work culture

We recognize the strength in upholding a vibrant and diverse workplace culture and strive to enable our employees to reach their fullest potential.

Investing in our talented co-workers

We believe in investing in our talented co-workers, and we dedicate ourselves every day to cultivating a positive, team-oriented environment where every voice of the professional is heard.

A strong entrepreneurial spirit

We encourage our employees to take them on new challenges and demonstrate a strong entrepreneurial spirit which will be the basic part of the puzzle of our company success.


We are recognized as one of innovative and flexible contractor. We are dedicated to the highest standards of all aspects of the construction industry. To ensure at our partners vision is realized, we offer in-house expertise that spans every discipline including qualified working power and assembly of prefabricated concrete elements, master planning and landscape designers ,interior and exterior design, and sales of the building materials. Our capabilities in construction services includes industrial and residential buildings ranging from affordable and workforce housing to hi-end rental and private for-sale residences.